This is Fabricate Productions' first film and is also Bryan Parry's first venture into screenwriting.

James is 27, unemployed and lost in the over subscribed rat race of London. Tonight is the big night - his engagement party. Tonight should be everything he has hoped for. He is surrounded by his closest friends and family and is celebrating it with his one true love, Hannah.

With all eyes on them, the young couple struggle to navigate their way through the evening but drunken dads and ex-boyfriends are not the only thing they have to worry about.

Engaged Official Trailer 2019


Gwyn is a widower who struggles through life alone. To most in the town, he just seems like an angry and bitter old man.

On the backdrop of a grey and dilapidated Rhyl, he crosses paths with Katie, a chancer from Liverpool who helps him home with his shopping. An unlikely friendship developes between two generations who have been largely forgotten.

Gwyn is no longer lonely and Katie's life has a positive direction for the first time.

If only Katie can break away from the world of crime in which she is so tightly entangled.

An unflinching look at the human stories behind the growing epidemic of 'county lines' in the UK.